2015-2016 Legislative Package

Bills Enacted and Signed Into Law

AB 2: Community Revitalization Investment Authorities: This bill will allow specified "disadvantaged" areas throughout the state to create their own Community Revitalization Investment Authorities (CRIA) and bring the needed economic relief to disadvantages communities.

AB 1089: Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy: This bill would add the cities of Indio and Coachella to the CVMC board. (Chapter 228, Statutes of 2015)

AB 1093: Workforce Training for Re-Entry Population: This bill modifies AB 2060 from 2014 to reflect the smaller grant program by allowing an applicant to address one of the two training streams, instead of both, and expands the final program evaluation criteria. (Chapter 220, Statutes of 2015)

AB 1270: Alignment of Federal and State Workforce Training Systems: This bill comprehensively updates California's primary workforce development program to reflect the new requirements of the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014.  (Chapter 94, Statutes of 2015)

AB 1537: Small Business Financial Assistance: This bill would require each corporation to provide a list by city and county of the number and dollar value of all credit enhancements and debt instruments the corporation entered into during the report year and that are outstanding at the close of the fiscal year. (Chapter 191, Statutes of 2015)

AB 355: Safe Deposit Boxes: AB 355 requires institutions that report safe deposit boxes to the State Controller to include in a report any name on a U.S. Savings Bond and military award, if that name is different from the registered owner of the safe deposit box.  (Chapter 297, Statutes of 2015)

AB 1411: Dryer Fire Safety: This bill would require a lint detector near heating component of the dryer.

AB 1059: Border Data: This bill would expand the CalEnviroScreen to capture relevant environmental data along the California-Mexico border region.

AB 1071: Supplemental Environmental Projects: This bill would require promote greater use of Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEP) by requiring a portion of local fine money to be used for SEP’s, and also that there be a nexus between the SEP project and the community impacted by the activity that lead to the fine.

AB 1091: Streamlining Cal-Grants: This bill would streamline the Cal Grant process by eliminating duplicative certification processes.

AB 1533: Infrastructure Financing: This bill would revise the definition of economic development facilities to include facilities that are used to provide goods movement and would define goods movement-related infrastructure.

AB 434: Water Filtration Systems: This bill would authorize the SWRCB to adopt regulations allowing the installation of point of use filtration systems for projects that meet specified criteria in order to protect public health and safety.

AB 965: The New River: This bill seeks to provide funding for the development of park space along the New River with the goal of increasing park access and mitigating water pollution. Adds clarity to existing eligibility language for water bond in order to prioritize projects like the New River.

AB 1095: Salton Sea Projects: This bill would require the Natural Resources Agency to report to the legislature by March 2016 a list of shovel-ready projects for the Salton Sea.

Resolutions that were chaptered

AJR-16: Blood Bank Ban: This bill would call upon the President of the United States to encourage the Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services to adopt policies to repeal the current and upcoming discriminatory donor suitability policies of the FDA regarding blood donation by men who have had sex with another man and, instead, direct the FDA to develop science-based policies such as criterion based on risky sexual behavior in lieu of sexual orientation.

HR-11: Cesar Chavez: This resolution honors the life, legacy, and contributions to society by the labor leader Cesar Chavez.

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