2017 Legislation

Water, Parks and Wildlife

AB 18 – Park Bond: This bill will allocate investments to improve and to further create parks and recreation areas, as well as to create trail networks that provide access from neighborhoods to parks and recreational opportunities, will help ensure all Californians have access to safe places to exercise and enjoy recreational activities.

AB 474 - Coachella Valley Brine Removal: This bill would remove a particular brine extraction to be exempted from the Toxic Substance list. This would be a cost-saving mechanism for infrastructure dealing with potable water and chromium6+aresenic. 

AB 907 – Office of Outdoor Recreation: This bill would create the Department of Outdoor Recreation and Public Lands Development within the Governor’s office of Business Development.  This office would promote opportunities for both economic and job development within the outdoor recreation sector of the state’s economy.  Additionally, it would foster connections and communications between government agencies that manage natural resources for outdoor recreation and promote their sustainable use.


AB 626 – Homemade Food Operations Act:  This bill would amend Section 113789 of the Health and Safety Code to expand the “Private Homes" exemption within the Retail Food Code's requirements for "Food Facilities" to include self-registration or permit for Homemade Food Operations. This bill will permit the sale of prepared meals and other foods from small-scale, home kitchen operations.

AB 839 – Native American Healthcare Access Act:This bill would change the law to enable Tribes and Tribal organizations to participate in the TCM program.  If the Legislature approves this change, DHCS would have to then submit a State Plan Amendment to authorize participating tribal providers to be reimbursed for the federal share of costs. The reimbursement methodology for TCM is “Certified Public Expenditure” (CPE). 

AB 893 – Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District:This bill would authorize a three year pilot program to expand AB 2024 and allow Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District, a rural healthcare district to better recruit, and employ physicians and assure the physician’s retention in a rural area setting.

Public Safety

AB 683 – Cultural Re-Entry Programs:This bill supports and creates culturally competent programs that increase opportunities for family friendly contact during and after imprisonment.

AB 1559 – Community Engagement & Gun Violence Prevention Act: This bill would support local implementation and evaluation of unique approaches to chronic and emerging crime problems, or barriers to a police agencies’ ability to address such problems.

AB 1639 –Victim Compensation Fund Expansion: This bill would prohibit the board from denying an application for a claim solely because the victim or derivative victim is a person who is listed in the CalGang system.

Community Environment

AB 378 – California Global Warning Solutions Act of 2006: This bill authorizes the state board to include the use of market-based compliance mechanisms. The act requires the state board to approve a statewide greenhouse gas emissions limit equivalent to the statewide greenhouse gas emissions level in 1990 to be achieved by 2020 and to ensure that statewide greenhouse gas emissions are reduced to at least 40% below the 1990 level by 2030.

AB 398 – Climate Change Report Card: This bill expands the reporting requirements of the Climate Change Report Card to include key economic and community development outcomes that are the result of state agencies expending moneys from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF).

AB 891 – California Communities Environmental Health Screening: This bill requires the State Air Resources Board to include the entirety of the California-Mexico border region in environmental health screenings, with in regard to air quality measurements, vehicle emissions at border crossings, complete traffic density data within 150 meters of the border, water quality data for waterways that cross the border.


AB 571 – Farmworker Housing Assistance Tax Credit Program: This bill makes improvements to the existing State Treasurer’s Office (STO) Farmworker Housing Assistance Tax Credit Program to better facilitate the use of this financing tool.

AB 1361 - Veteran Homes Services: This bill would require the Department of Veterans Affairs to conduct a survey to assess the ability of veterans’ homes to assist veterans with complex mental and behavioral health needs, and develop a plan to accommodate that population.


AB 1073 - California Clean Truck, Bus, and Off-Road Vehicle and Equipment Technology Program: This bill would require the state board, when funding a specified class of projects, to allocate, until January 1, 2023, no less than 20% of that available funding to support the early commercial deployment or existing zero- and near-zero-emission heavy-duty truck technology.

AB 1189 – Riverside County Transportation Act: The bill also brings RCTC’s authorizing statutes in-line with the Constitutional requirement that special taxes must be enacted by a two-thirds vote of the People.  AB 1189 is consistent with legislation sponsored by other self-help counties in recent years to determine their own futures through local option sales taxes (at a two-thirds threshold).

AB 1453 – Transportation to Literacy: This bill makes an exception when the school buses are transporting adults who are going to and from school after the pupils have been dropped off at school to work with them.

AB 1640 – Transportation Equity Funding Priority: As of 2020, this bill would require each Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP) to allocate 25% of its funds to projects that provide direct and meaningful benefits to low-income communities and transit routes.

Workforce Development

AB 1111 - Breaking Barriers to Employment: This bill establishes a competitive grant program for activities that address the needs of individuals who face multiple barriers to prepare for training, apprenticeship, or employment opportunities, which will lead to self-sufficiency and economic stability.

AB 1114 – Workforce Training for the Reentry Population: This bill makes adjustments to AB 2060 and the subsequent AB 1093 adjustments from last year to expand the eligible target population to include people on parole, require applicants to include a partnership with a community-based organization that works with the targeted population, authorize multi-year grant allocations, and prioritize work-based learning such as earn and learn, on the job training, and partnerships with social enterprises that employ reentry individuals.


AB 1264 - Parent Involvement and Transparency Act: This bill would require a public agency, before any meeting regarding an individualized education program, to provide copies of all school records regarding the provision of special education and related services.

Small Business

AB 1615 – Small Business Gender Discrimination Compliance Act: This bill helps protect small businesses from gender discrimination lawsuits and gives the small business the opportunity to hold the lawsuit and fix the problem. 

Digital Divide

AB 1665– Internet for All Now Act of 2017: This bill extends the California Advanced Service Fund (CASF) and authorizes additional collections of a modest fee on telephone bills to support broadband infrastructure deployment and adoption in unserved and disadvantaged communities.