Press Release

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia

(SACRAMENTO, CA)— Today, in the midst of fevered policy discussions surrounding the fate of California’s clean energy future, Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia successfully advanced AB 893, his proposal supporting geothermal, out of the Senate Committee on Appropriations. The geothermal procurement mandated in this measure is of immense significance to the Riverside and Imperial County communities in Garcia’s district.


“Areas surrounding the Salton Sea are uniquely ripe for renewable energy development, geothermal being chief among them,” stated Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia. “Despite the increased reliability of geothermal, these resources have been greatly neglected in energy conversations. I introduced AB 893, to make sure that this tremendous regional opportunity is no longer overlooked and can be integrated into California's overall energy efforts. In addition to helping diversify our renewable energy portfolio, the inclusion of geothermal would unlock many economic as well as public health co-benefits for underserved areas like ours."  


Sunday, July 22, 2018

As excerpted from KESQ:

INDIO, Calif. - A long time business in Indio got some garnered recognition Saturday for it's tortillas made from scratch. Arriola's Tortilleria was named Small Business of the Year in the 56yh Assembly District by Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia.

Located in the City of Indio, Arriola's Tortilleria is a family-owned business that was established by owner Ray Arriola's parents, who began making and selling tortillas in 1927 out of their home. It has continued to expand and evolve throughout the years providing authentic tortillas and other Mexican delicacies.

Garcia said the long-time establishment was an example of immigrant hard work and a realization of an "American Dream". 


Saturday, July 21, 2018

As excerpted from The Uken Report: 

INDIO — The much-beloved, go-to staple of authentic Mexican food is the family-owned Arriola Tortilleria on Wilson Avenue. While in October 2015, the city of Indio recognized the multi-generational business during National Hispanic Heritage Month, never has the eatery been honored beyond the city limits — until now.

Democratic Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia will recognize Arriola’s Tortilleria as the 56th Assembly District’s 2018 Small Business of the Year on Saturday, July 20. The award is recognition of the restaurant’s support of the community and steadfast commitment to customer service and high business ethics, according to Garcia’s Resolution.

“Small businesses area critical to the economic well-being of the state of California aby creating new business and employment opportunities and by bringing unique and innovative services and products to the marketplace,” Garcia said in his Resolution.

Friday, July 20, 2018

The LGBTQ Veterans Memorial press conference was held on July 20, 2018, in order to discuss the state and importance of AB 2439. AB 2439 will recognize the LGBT Veterans Memorial located in Cathedral City as the official memorial for LGBTQ veterans.

Friday, July 20, 2018

As excerpted from KESQ: 

PALM SPRINGS, Calif.- - AB 2439 is a piece of potential legislation which would designate Cathedral City's LGBTQ Veterans Memorial as the state's official LGBTQ memorial. 

AMVETS Commander Thomas "Tom" Swann Hernández and officials from the Palm Springs Cemetery co-hosted an event discussing the progress of the bill today at noon at the American Legion Hall at 400 N. Belardo Rd. in Palm Springs. 

The memorial, which resides at Desert Memorial Park in Cathedral City, would become the nation's first state-designated  LGBTQ Veterans Memorial if AB 2439 passes.

Friday, July 20, 2018

As excerpted from KMIR: 

For nearly two decades, a local veteran has been leading the fight to recognize members of the LGBTQ community who served in the military, but his efforts are now paying off even with plenty of roadblocks on the way.

The commander of American Veteran Post 66 in Palm Springs, Tom Swann Hernandez, is a former marine and now an openly gay veteran. He led the fight to build the LGBT Veteran Memorial inside the Desert Memorial Park in Cathedral City back in 2001.

The LGBT Veterans Memorial is not its way to become the state’s and the nation’s first official veterans memorial for the LGBTQ community through AB 2439 that passed the state house and senate.

One of the authors of AB 2439, is Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia, he said, “Men and women who wear the uniform who have sacrificed their lives in the armed forces should be recognized.”

Friday, July 20, 2018

As excerpted from The Desert Sun:

State Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia understands that, for LGBTQ veterans in the Coachella Valley, recent political news, such as the proposed ban on transgender members of the military, has been discouraging. 

“It doesn’t seem to be getting any easier for our LGBTQ community to continue to fight for the inclusiveness that you – the men and women in uniform – have fought to ensure,” the Coachella Democrat told a group of veterans and local politicians Friday at the American Legion Hall in Palm Springs.

But Garcia hopes A.B. 2439, a bill he authored that would recognize the LGBTQ Veterans Memorial in Cathedral City as an official state memorial, will give them some reason to celebrate.