California-Mexico cooperate in panel on border health issues

Source: The Desert Review

Alongside Carlos Flore Vizcarra, the Consul General of Mexico, Hueso and other panelists discussed health issues common in border city regions. The event was open to the public as the group of panelists spoke about the recent health changes throughout several border cities. Assembly member Eduardo Garcia also attended the discussion.

Hueso introduced the event expressing his opinion and viewpoint on current political issues and followed with a speech to both the audience and Mexican consul explaining how he views Mexico as a partner.

Garcia also made comments during the meeting.

“I’m here joining Senator Hueso in this border health hearing," Garcia said. "It is an official hearing and there is an overview of the various organizations and programs as it relates to health services to the people here of Imperial County.”

Garcia said small communities like the Imperial Valley suffer when health issues arise, due to the fact that it is an underserved area.

“There's also a situation here that we will discuss as how the problems here in the Imperial Valley being next to the border will become very unique when it comes to population increase, and accessing the medical services that unfortunately, many times in areas like here, we have shortages,” Garcia said.