Bill on Governor's desk to increase funding for Imperial County air pollution projects

Source: The Imperial Valley Press

The bill aims to make accessing GGRF funds more equitable and viable, according to Garcia. GGRF expenditures are overseen by the California Air Resources Board on behalf of the state Department of Finance.

“The success of AB 1945 will break down barriers and better position Imperial County to receive their fair share of climate investments,” Garcia said. “Increasing the accessibility of these resources will empower our region with the means to combat the unique air quality challenges that have jeopardized the public health and wellbeing of our community.”

Under current guidelines, GGRF funding is appropriated based on a methodology favoring densely populated communities. Although Imperial County rates high amongst California communities most affected by various sources of pollution, the county has received very little GGRF funding over the years based on its low population data, according to Linsey Dale, county public information officer.