Asthma Legislation from Garcia Heads to Senate

Source: The Uken Report

(SACRAMENTO, CA) — AB 743 – Student Asthma Medication Access Act, supported by Comite Civico del Valle, is among five of Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia’s, D-Coachella, measures has advanced to the Senate. “AB 743 will remove a significant barrier blocking students from accessing their asthma medication while in school,” Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia said in a prepared statement.

“One in five children living in Imperial County have asthma, and the region holds more than double the state’s rate of asthma-related emergency room visits,” Garcia said in a prepared statement. Due to the existing health disparities such as physician shortages, and the high cost of care, many of our families, must travel across the border for healthcare services. This measure will help address an urgent student health issue while we continue working with organizations such as Comite Civico del Valle to mitigate air pollution and achieve our clean air goals.”

AB 743 would require a school district to accept a written statement provided by a physician or surgeon relating to a pupil carrying and self-administering inhaled asthma medication, from a physician or surgeon who is contracted with a prepaid health plan operating lawfully under the laws of Mexico that is licensed as a health care service plan in this state.

The bill would require that written statement to be provided in both English and Spanish and to include the name and contact information for the physician or surgeon.