Local leaders hold a forum to prepare the valley for the 2020 Census

Thursday, June 7, 2018

As excerpted from KYMA:

Imperial County has depended on money from the U.S. Census for decades but one change to the census, specifically whether someone is a U.S. citizen, could affect the money received from the survey.

"At the end of the day, that question I mean personally, we believe is irrelevant. But nevertheless that should not have people hesitate in participating in the process of making sure everyone is counted," said Assembly member Eduardo Garcia.

It's also critical for the census bureau's campaign to have community leaders on board, so that residents know they have someone they can trust.  

Adelina Zendejas, Deputy Director Census 2020 said, "It's extremely important because they're really the trusted messengers. They're the ones that the local community really trust and assist in bringing these numbers up for the community. So we really wanted to bring them here early on so that they can understand the importance of what is needed."