Garcia Gets Perfect Score from Equality California

In its 2018 Legislative Scorecard, Equality California awarded Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia 100 percent.

“For me it is simple,” Garcia told Uken Report about his perfect score. “I was elected to represent the residents of our 56th California State Assembly District. That means all of our residents. I am very mindful that the policies I introduce and support are both equitable and inclusive. For me, there is no room for discrimination, and I am proud to help advance legislation that will ensure a more just California for all.”

Billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer joins Eduardo Garcia to fight for clean water across California

Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia, D-Coachella, led Steyer and a delegation of local and state leaders on a tour of areas that have, for years, lacked clean drinking water, including a Thermal elementary school whose water source is an old, unreliable well.

"Water is key,” said Sergio Carranza, executive director of Pueblos Unido CDC, a Coachella nonprofit that advocates for affordable housing in the east valley.

Many California residents, Garcia said, are still unaware of the connections between climate change policy, the air they breathe and the water they drink.

Garcia Praises Newsom’s Bold Vision

SACRAMENTO — Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia, D-Coachella, praised Gov. Gavin Newsom for having a bolder and better vision for California following his first State of the State address before a joint convention of the California branches of government.

In a prepared statement, Garcia said, “Without a doubt, Gov. Newsom has presented a bold vision for California, and highlighted an ambitious agenda of policy priorities that are both reflective of our values and the real, fundamental needs of residents.”

Californians deserve safe drinking water. It’s time for the Legislature to deliver it

With Gov. Newsom’s leadership, and a broad coalition assembled to tackle this problem head-on, we are committed to making 2019 the year California finally delivers on the promise of safe, affordable drinking water to all of its residents.

The start-up funds dedicated in the governor’s budget, along with the ongoing funding proposed in companion legislation, is both reasonable and necessary. It amounts to less than the cost of a bottle of water per user – a dollar a month, with exemptions for low-income Californians.

Gov. Brown signs law allowing home cooks to sell their food

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law AB626, a groundbreaking new law that allows people to sell directly to the public food they have cooked in their home kitchens.

California Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia, D-Coachella (Riverside County), introduced the bill in 2017. It was held in Assembly appropriations until 2018, when it moved forward again with state Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, as co-author. Both the state Assembly and Senate voted unanimously in favor of the bill before it moved to the governor’s desk. Brown signed it on Tuesday, Sept. 18.

Heber crossing guard receives state recognition

HEBER — A simple act of kindness from Heber Elementary School District crossing guard Adam Conn was recently recognized to an extent he never imagined.

After Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia, D-Coachella, heard Conn had been purchasing and distributing ice-cold water bottles to help keep HESD students hydrated during scorching weather, the assemblyman held a recognition ceremony Tuesday at Heber Elementary to present the crossing guard with a California State Assembly certificate of recognition.

California Outlaws Big Bills For Minor City Violations

Cities in California can no longer tack on exorbitant legal fees to settle minor local code violations, thanks to a new law enacted this week.

The law makes it illegal for cities and counties to charge defendants for the legal costs to investigate, prosecute or appeal a criminal violation of a local ordinance.

"We made the argument that, yes, people should comply with local code enforcement laws, but violations should remain in the civil side of prosecution instead of the criminal side," says Eduardo Garcia, a Democrat from Coachella.

IVC presented $1 million for law enforcement, medical courses

IMPERIAL — Students at Imperial Valley College seeking careers in the medical field or in law enforcement will benefit from $1 million in funding from the state of California that will institute a new correctional academy as well as enhance its medical assistant program.

Bill on Governor's desk to increase funding for Imperial County air pollution projects

The bill aims to make accessing GGRF funds more equitable and viable, according to Garcia. GGRF expenditures are overseen by the California Air Resources Board on behalf of the state Department of Finance.

“The success of AB 1945 will break down barriers and better position Imperial County to receive their fair share of climate investments,” Garcia said. “Increasing the accessibility of these resources will empower our region with the means to combat the unique air quality challenges that have jeopardized the public health and wellbeing of our community.”

Imperial County Supervisors applaud passage of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund bill

EL CENTRO – The California Legislature passed on August 30, AB 1945, the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF). The bill is now awaiting Governor Brown’s signature.

The bill, introduced by Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia, seeks to improve access to programs funded by GGRF, by expanding the list of co-benefits and allowing the counties of Imperial and San Diego to include daytime population numbers in their GGRF grant applications, according to a recently released news release by the assemblymember's office.