First Round of Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia’s Bills Including the Student Asthma Medication Access Act Advance to the Senate

(SACRAMENTO, CA) — Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella) is pleased to report that his first wave of bills has successfully advanced past the Assembly and on to the Senate. AB 743 – Student Asthma Medication Access Act, supported by Comite Civico del Valle, is among those five measures.

“AB 743 will remove a significant barrier blocking students from accessing their asthma medication while in school,” stated Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia.

He continued to say, One in five children living in Imperial County have asthma, and the region holds more than double the state's rate of asthma-related emergency room visits. Due to the existing health disparities such as physician shortages, and the high cost of care, many of our families, must travel across the border for healthcare services. This measure will help address an urgent student health issue while we continue working with organizations such as Comite Civico del Valle to mitigate air pollution and achieve our clean air goals.”

A majority of Garcia’s remaining bills including AB 55 – County Veterans Funding which would make $11 million available annually for our County Veteran Service Officers currently awaits consideration in the Assembly Committee on Appropriations before becoming eligible for an Assembly floor vote.

Additional information on Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia’s bills that have advanced on to the Senate:

AB 743 – Student Asthma Medication Access Act This bill will make it easier for students to access asthma medication during the school day. Existing law authorizes a pupil to carry and self-administer prescription inhaled asthma medication, if the school district receives a written statement from a physician or surgeon detailing the name of the medication, method, amount, and time schedules by which the medication is to be taken, and confirming that the pupil is able to self-administer it. AB 743 would additionally allow school districts to accept written statements provided by a physician or surgeon who is contracted through binational health plans.

AB 293 – Direct Environmental Benefit Offset Protocols: This bill would direct the California Air Resources Board to work with the Compliance Offset Protocol Task Force (Task Force) to consider the development of new offset protocol for the enhanced management or conservation of agricultural and natural lands as well as a protocol for the enhancement and restoration of wetlands. The measure would further ask the Task Force to consider methodologies that would allow small land owners to work together on projects.

AB 335 – State Authorization to include Non-Transportation Activities for the Imperial County Transportation Commission: This bill expands the potential duties of the Imperial County Transportation Commission, a state created entity, to include non-transportation or “council of government like” activities approved by local members that would serve the needs of Imperial County.

AB 377 – Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations: This bill is a technical cleanup offering non-substantive changes to AB 626, Homemade Food Operations Act (Chaptered 2018) in order to clarify the jurisdiction opt-in process as well as how inspections shall be conducted.

AB 17 – Vote by Mail (Salas/E. Garcia): This bill would prohibit an employer from requiring or requesting that an employee bring his or her vote by mail ballot to work or vote his or her vote by mail ballot at work.

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