Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia, Issues Statement on California Drought Conditions and Urgent Actions to Bolster Climate Resilience

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – Today, Governor Newsom declared a drought emergency in Mendocino and Sonoma counties while announcing actions to mitigate dry conditions and support vulnerable communities. Chair of the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife, Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella), commends Governor Newsom’s climate change actions and will be inviting the Administration to present at a special committee hearing on May 5 focusing on California drought preparation. Chairperson Garcia has issued the following statement:

“I commend Governor Newsom for taking bold actions to address climate change, mitigate drought conditions, and support California’s most vulnerable communities who have been heavily impacted by the escalating climate crisis and changing environmental conditions.”

“With the rainy season over and snowpack at less than half of the normal amount for this time of year, the state is on track for one of its driest years on record. Much of California is already facing elevated drought conditions. Fortunately, through forward-thinking policies, California took several actions during the previous drought to better prepare us. While we have taken significant strides with policies such as the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act and the passage of our Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund (2019, Monning/E.Garcia), much more still needs to be done to safeguard communities across our state.”

“On May 5, I have called a special Water, Parks, and Wildlife committee hearing on drought preparedness to evaluate lessons learned from the last drought and what we can do now that the state is again facing arid conditions. We will be inviting the Governor’s Administration to present on the scope of their efforts.”

“With the climate change crisis, precipitation patterns are changing, and we need to take aggressive action to prepare for and respond to drought. We thank the Governor for recognizing the climate crisis is not one-size-fits-all and the need for a targeted, regional response. Assemblymember Mullin and I introduced AB 1500 to accomplish exactly that. Our legislation presents a dynamic and equitable climate action plan to strategically address our state’s diverse needs, prioritize underserved communities, and maximize economic opportunities.”

“As Chair of the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife, I look forward to engaging the Newsom Administration to ensure our communities, farms, and fish and wildlife can thrive in the midst of changing drought conditions.”