Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia Secures Pivotal District Funding in Legislature Approved State Budget

Assemblymember Garcia on Assembly Floor

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – On Monday, June 14, the California State Legislature passed the Budget Act of 2021 (AB 128), and Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella) commends record investments for his district priorities, including pivotal funding for Oasis Mobilehome Park residents and even more teed up to address regional affordable housing disparities. 


“After a challenging year, our strengthened economic footing has allowed us to step up with historic investments towards our most urgent needs and our most vulnerable residents. It was important for me to ensure that we put our budget surplus to use by making investments that directly impact Californians and support our community priorities – we have done just that. In this budget, we have secured momentous district funding, including small business support, billions in affordable housing and homelessness allocations, additional childcare slots, record-breaking increases for early childhood and k-12 education, $7 billion for broadband expansion, resources for veterans, drought and wildfire protection, and $220 million for the Salton Sea,” said Assemblymember Garcia. 


“Significantly, we have $30 million for the safe relocation of Oasis Mobilehome Park residents. This funding would enable us to provide emergency housing, develop quality affordable housing, and construct necessary infrastructure. I am grateful to my colleagues for recognizing the merits of this housing and public health emergency, and I applaud the residents who worked to accomplish this incredible feat. On top of this direct allocation, we expect to deliver even more investments for local affordable housing and infrastructure development asks we have pushed for. We see them reflected here and they remain our target.” 


“This is all excellent news, but we still need the Governor’s signature of approval. We must continue our combined community advocacy to seal the deal on the state budget,” emphasized Garcia. 


This budget bill will be submitted to Governor Newsom for final approval.