California Policies Inspire Biden Zero-Emission Vehicle Push

Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia Continues to Push for Regional Lithium Opportunities and Bold, Equitable Climate Leadership

Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia and Governor Brown at signing of groundbreaking climate change legislation

(Sacramento, CA) -  Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella) joins Governor Newsom in applauding the Biden Administration’s push to improve emission standards, smart fuel efficiency, and set a new national electric vehicle target to make half of all new vehicles sold in 2030 zero-emission. The proposed standards are inspired by California’s landmark framework agreements.


Assemblymember Garcia stated, “California continues to lead the charge on climate action and we are excited to see the Biden Administration move the nation in the same direction as our groundbreaking zero-emission vehicle aims. Governor Newsom has prioritized climate change and together with our partners in the State Legislature, we continue to face our climate change crisis head-on. The Salton Sea Geothermal Field, located in Imperial County, is the largest known geothermal, lithium resource in the world and with proper strategic alignment our region is capable of playing a central role in our zero-emission vehicle future. Our strides to support a thriving local lithium production industry in our region go hand in hand with our clean air, public health, climate change, electric vehicle transition, and Biden’s ‘Buy America’ domestic production goals. We can achieve all these cobenefits while simultaneously uplifting the economic outlook of our historically disadvantaged community suffering from severe unemployment, air quality, and public health concerns.”


“We must seize on these emerging electric-vehicle targets to create jobs and improve living conditions in our region. As we turn to stimulate these local production opportunities, we must continue to engage with residents and local partners every step of the way. To help ensure that locals hold seats at the decision-making table, I established the Lithium Valley Commission (AB 1657, E. Garcia) with secured positions for local representatives and environmental advocates. We are at the beginning stages, momentum is building, and we need to get everyone informed and involved.”  


Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia, who has been actively championing local lithium economic opportunities, currently serves as Chair of the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife and of the Assemblymember Select Committee on California’s Lithium Economy. He also sits on the California Air Resources Board, which plays a principal role in advancing the vehicle electrification transition. Assemblymember Garcia has received global acclaim as a climate change leader and environmental justice champion, having represented California during several United Nations climate change conferences, with a vast portfolio of legislative achievements centered on climate equity to empower residents in communities facing immediate public health, economic, and environmental disparities.


“Our climate actions must put equity first and foremost. Here in California, we are proving successful in setting course for national policy shifts and we must set the tone by advancing dynamic legislative and climate investment framework centered on equity, climate justice, and resident-led solutions. With the right strategy in place we can not only protect residents from escalating climate impacts but use these opportunities to uplift and empower them,” said Garcia.