Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia Applauds Budget Victories

Thursday, June 15, 2017

California Legislature Approves the 2017-2018 Budget


(SACRAMENTO, CA)—Today, the California State Legislature voted to approve the Budget Act of 2017. Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella) applauds investments to health, education, veteran resources, water infrastructure, parks and more.  


“I am proud that after months of collaboration my colleagues and I have come to a consensus and voted to approve our annual budget. I commend Speaker Anthony Rendon, Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León and Governor Brown on their exemplary leadership which has resulted in a fair budget with $9.9 billion in total reserves.” 


“Today we celebrate significant wins for my district and other underserved areas throughout the state.”


“Victories that would adopt into the budget language from AB 1361, legislation I introduced to help house veterans with complex mental health needs. This will allow us to better provide for our state’s 1.8 million veterans.”


“Our state’s budget will also include a noteworthy $8 million toward Broadband Infrastructure Improvement Grant Funding so that local educational entities, like that of the Imperial County Office of Education can enhance internet connectivity.”


“This budget also grants our local request to infuse additional state dollars into the California State University, San Bernardino. A total of $3 million General Fund dollars will go towards the Palm Desert Campus expansion. This investment will go a long way in increasing economic and educational opportunities in Eastern Riverside County.”





“This budget scores high marks in educational investments with an emphasis on K-12, child care, preschool slots and career technical education.”


“An additional $25 million was added for Child Care income eligibly.  This smart investment assists our hard working families and will reap immeasurable benefits to the Californian economy.”


“K-12 Education will be able to utilize $74.5 billion Proposition 98 dollars. Our vital After School Education and Safety (ASES) program will receive $50 million on an ongoing basis.”


“Our local schools will really benefit from the Proposition 98 dollars geared toward economic development and career training. The Career Technical Education (CTE) Incentive Grant program will receive $200 million and an additional $8 million will be used to create and expand career technical education programs in communities like those in my district, with high unemployment.


“Proposition 98 will issue $1.5 Million to establish the California-Grown Fresh School Meals Grant Program. This will serve as a means for the Department of Education to incentivize schools to purchase California-grown food and provide more freshly prepared meals. This will help support our local farmers and introduce children to healthy lifestyles.”


“Californian families can issue a sigh of relief; the Legislature has opted to protect the Middle Class Scholarship. Today’s budget also includes an increase to the Cal Grants and the Community College financial aid programs. These are all critical in ensuring that our families and students are able to afford academic pursuits.”  




“$546 million of Proposition 56 funds will be utilized in Medi-Cal reimbursement rates for doctors and dentists to increase and improve services to Californian families. Additionally the budget approves $400,000 of special funds to the Office of Statewide Planning and Development for the implementation of programs such as one to allow Critical Access Hospitals to hire physicians. This will address doctor shortages in areas like Imperial Valley and the Eastern Coachella Valley that are medically underserved.”



Economic Outlook

“As the former Chair of Assembly Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy Committee

I am glad that legislature was able to negotiate more investment for small business assistance. The Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GO-Biz) will be receiving $3 million for the California Small Business Development Center. This will help our Golden State support small businesses and continue to lead the nation in job creation.”


“I am pleased that the budget includes funding for our legislative measure, AB 1114. It will grant $2 million to support the Supervised Workforce Training Grant Program. This funding will prove essential in increasing employment prospects for the reentry population. This will create job training opportunities for former inmates, decrease repeat offender rates, all adding up to safer and economically thriving communities.” 





“The budget will grant $1.5 billion in local assistance and capital funding for projects and transportation programs under SB 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017. Soon we will begin to see these transportation dollars at work building bridges, paving roads and generating jobs our community.”





“As Chair of Water, Parks and Wildlife and am proud that this budget will provide funding to improve water quality and help meet California’s water infrastructure backlog. $12 million dollars in aid will be made available to communities without safe drinking water such as Coachella, and other eastern Coachella Valley unincorporated areas. The State Water Resources Control Board will be given $8 million to replace failed wells, make emergency repairs, and make connections wastewater systems in areas of need. The Department of Water Resources will also be able to use $4 million to replace wells from drought and other emergencies. $111 million of Proposition 1 funding will go toward improving dam safety and emergency action plans to help prevent future tragedies like that of Oroville. ”



Parks and Recreation


“I am particularly pleased that the Legislature was able to add some much needed provisions for parks and recreational infrastructure. The Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy will receive $73,000 Proposition 12 and $297,000 Proposition 40 funds for local assistance grants and programing as well.  They will additionally receive appropriations from the Environmental License Plate Fund to maintain base operations. SB 1 will direct $52 million to State Parks $16 million Proposition 40 dollars will create a competitive youth soccer and recreation program.”


“I am optimistic that if we continue to work together we can build up our park infrastructure and provide all Californian families with equitable access to recreational opportunities.”