Garcia Secures Full Funding for 10 Year Salton Sea Management Plan in California Park Bond Proposals

Friday, September 1, 2017

Latest Salton Sea legislative update

(SACRAMENTO, CA)— As the California State Legislature moves into this year’s final stretch, bill activity has been accelerating rapidly. After today’s capitol activity, Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella) would like to provide the latest update on his Salton Sea mitigation efforts.   


“Following yesterday’s productive meeting between Governor Brown and representatives from our local Salton Sea Authority, we were successful in securing significant funding allocation increases in both of the legislature’s park bond proposals; AB 18 (E. Garcia) and SB 5 (de Léon),”announced Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia.


“I am very pleased at the results of negotiations with Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de Léon. Now, both of our park bond proposals include $280 million to fully fund the 10-Year Salton Sea Management Plan.”


“This news is significant following mixed reviews for SB 615, Salton Sea Restoration Plan and SB 701, the Salton Sea Obligations Act of 2018 in today’s Assembly Committee on Appropriations hearing. While SB 615, a measure that would codify the California Natural Resources Agency’s 10-year Salton Sea Management Plan had the good fortune to pass, SB 701 which would have established its funding failed.” 


“Despite the unfortunate news regarding the Salton Sea Obligations Act of 2018, we can rejoice in our triumphant efforts to incorporate full funding for the 10-Year Salton Sea Management Plan in both the Senate and Assembly park bond versions. This $280 million dollar allocation will allow our state to move forward and implement mitigation projects necessary for the health and economic prosperity not only for our communities immediately surrounding the sea, but the entire state.”


We can expect further updates on Garcia’s Salton Sea legislative endeavors next week.