Success of Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia’s Bill will Open Up Over $40 Million for Mobilehome Repairs and Improvements

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

AB 2056, resident-driven policy priority, signed into law by Governor Brown.    

Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia pictured with Eastern Coachella Valley stakeholders

(Sacramento – CA) –Governor Brown signs Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia’s (D – Coachella) legislation to equip and empower mobilehome park communities with the means to address infrastructure disparities and vastly improve living conditions.  


AB 2056, Mobilehome Park Purchase Fund, will both open up over $40 million in loans via the Mobilehome Park Rehabilitation and Resident Ownership Program (MPRROP) Fund and help make these financing options more easily accessible for mobilehome rehabilitation or replacement.  


“Our hard-working predominantly farmworker families living in Eastern Coachella Valley mobilehome communities have long lacked access to adequate housing and the ability to address other crucial infrastructure concerns. AB 2056 will lessen the financial burden and empower residents with the resources needed to keep and rehabilitate their mobilehome or purchase a new one,” stated Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia.


Over the years, Garcia has consistently worked alongside residents and local agency partners to rectify resource inequalities in underserved areas of his district, like the Eastern Coachella Valley. AB 2056 is one such resident-driven policy solution.


Specifically this legislation will authorize over $40 million in loans from the Mobilehome Park Rehabilitation and Resident Ownership Program Fund and allow for a qualified nonprofit housing sponsor or a local public entity to utilize the fund to acquire, make repairs, conduct accessibly upgrades or rehabilitate a mobile home park where no less than 30% of residents are low income. Additionally, this fund can now provide development loans to replace a mobilehome park that has been destroyed by fire or other natural disasters.