Seven county zones approved for new economic development program

Due to the high unemployment rate and the low average household income, Imperial County has no shortage of eligible areas to be designated opportunity zones.

The county wasted little time sending a request to the governor to include specific areas in the Valley such as Calexico, Brawley, Holtville and the Salton Sea Known Geothermal Resource Area under the program.

Still lacking safe drinking water, east valley residents claim space in water politics

Low-income communities have been at the center of Proposition 1, the water quality, supply, and infrastructure improvement act that voters approved in November 2014.

The proposition sought to assure access to previously unissued bonds, set aside for water and wastewater access. In the resulting legislation, an increased focus was placed on involving community members in the planning process and setting aside additional funds for projects targeting water access in what the proposition defines as 'disadvantaged communities.'

Garcia seeks to create new outdoor recreation office at state level

Assembly Bill 1918 would establish the Office of Sustainable Outdoor Recreation within the Natural Resources Agency.

If the bill is adopted, the new office will be tasked to plan and implement coordinated strategies to develop jobs and economic growth in the outdoor recreation industry, as well as to develop strategies concerning outdoor recreation amenities and experiences.

The bill was introduced in Sacramento on Thursday in the presence of a coalition of outdoor recreation industry leaders and advocates.

California-Mexico cooperate in panel on border health issues

Alongside Carlos Flore Vizcarra, the Consul General of Mexico, Hueso and other panelists discussed health issues common in border city regions. The event was open to the public as the group of panelists spoke about the recent health changes throughout several border cities. Assembly member Eduardo Garcia also attended the discussion.

Hueso introduced the event expressing his opinion and viewpoint on current political issues and followed with a speech to both the audience and Mexican consul explaining how he views Mexico as a partner.

Garcia seeks stricter measures against sexual harassment of farm workers

During a recent interview, Garcia said the problem of sexual harassment exists in many settings, including inside the Capitol.

Most recently, Garcia and his colleagues have been attempting to increase protections available to farm workers.

“We have been reviewing the laws that exist to protect farm workers. Before the #MeToo Movement, led by women at the national level, thousands and thousands of farm workers have suffered this problem,” he said.

District expansion expected to improve healthcare access in the east valley

Assembly Bill 2414, which was proposed by Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia and signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown on September 21, 2016, required the district's board of directors to submit an application for the district's eastward expansion.

"The assembly bill plays a huge part,” said Schultz, who described the bill as a necessary step to make the long-standing effort of expanding services to the East Valley a reality.

'Read With Me' celebrates legal milestone

It was a beautiful morning for a special event called "Transportation to Literacy" held recently at Mecca Elementary school. The attendees were politicians, volunteers, teachers, principals, students and representatives from the non-profit Read With Me Volunteers. And they were there to celebrate the passing of special transportation bill AB 1453 thanks to the efforts of District 56 Assembly member Eduardo Garcia.

Ruiz, Garcia and other politicians champion the expansion of DHS Internet access

In August, the company(Frontier) — which is also benefiting from state funding — celebrated the deployment of free public Wi-Fi and computer lab renovations at the Villa Hermosa Apartments, an eastern Coachella Valley farmworker family housing complex, with Democratic Assembly member Eduardo Garcia and the Coachella Valley Housing Coalition.

Merced's Gray lauded for efforts on reform to ADA lawsuits

A Sacramento-based group awarded Assemblyman Adam Gray, D-Merced, the Civil Justice Leadership Award on Wednesday for legislation he has pushed related to predatory lawsuits regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act, an issue brought to light by a Merced Sun-Star and Modesto Bee special report last year.

Civil Justice Association of California, which works in the court system to reduce unwarranted and excessive litigation, praised Gray. The group works with many politicians in Sacramento and President Kim Stone called Gray "one of the good ones."