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SACRAMENTO, CA – Assemblymember Lisa Calderon (D-Whitter) has introduced more than half a dozen pieces of legislation aiming to provide and improve access to community resources in an effort to adapt to the effects of climate change.

“With repeated drought cycles, destructive wildfires, and rising sea levels, California must continue investing in efforts that combat climate change,” stated Assemblymember Calderon. “It is imperative that we reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase utilization of renewable energy sources, and provide the resources necessary to enable Californian’s to adapt to the changing environment.”

The bill package consists of seven pieces of legislation, Assembly Bills 384, 527, 586, 824, 1108, 1172, and 1195. These measures are seeking to create climate-resilient communities at the neighborhood-level across California:

“These bills will usher local communities into a new era of climate adaptation not only my district, but in communities all across the state”, continues Assemblymember Calderon. “Combatting the urban heat island effect, cleaning our local air, and creating an environment that is ready to take on the worst of climate change is what I seek to accomplish this legislative cycle. This package of legislation does that for individuals and neighborhoods throughout California.”

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